Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Like, totally

OMG, hello everyone! I realized how long it had been since I'd written when I had a dream last night that I crafted the most awesome post ever around the "@" symbol and something having to do with Twitter. There was some deep stuff in there about how on the internet we all communicate by talking @ each other now, not TO each other. Isn't that hilarious and insightful?

In other news, in the last month I have been in Maryland, Kentucky, Minnesota and Tennessee for about a week each, and relatedly my cats are very very mad at me and I have to sleep with one eye open at least partly because the neurotic one has taken to sleeping on my face. Wait, that doesn't make sense because if I slept with my eye open and the cat sat on my face... well, anyway they are alternating between hissing at me when I walk by and trying to climb inside my mouth while I pet them so you get the picture.

The third most important thing that happened in the last month is that we decided to get cable because the digital antenna thingy kept kacking out during How I Met Your Mother and that was just unacceptable, so now we watch MTV and Sports Center in the morning instead of The Today Show, and I remember at least one reason that The Today Show is better and that is that they don't mention Bret Favre and how sad he is and how old he is and how special he is every three seconds. They also don't have Lady Gaga though, and she just makes me have faith again... faith in the idea that the alien invasion will continue almost unnoticed.