Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bedroom Banter

In case all you Houseboy fans out there ever wondered what Antelope-Houseboy relations are like at home, here is a small sampling of recent conversations.

Conversation 1: In the bedroom

How it started: Houseboy--"I like the new Chargers helmets"
How it ended: Antelope--"I think the average of all the colors in the world is probably brown."

Conversation 2: In the restaurant

How it started: Antelope--"I like the flowers."
How it ended: Houseboy--"Ok! Ok! It's red-red orange! Hey, you're not even calling the credit card company, I can see on your phone!"

Conversation 3: Instant Messenger

How it started: Houseboy--"Beans and a Pumpkin"How it ended: Antelope--"Is hell humid? That was never made clear to me."

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