Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Karen drove with her tiny guide into the heart of the city where they wandered for three hours without finding Elm Avenue. Finally, the little Queen turned to Karen, and said, "STOP!"

Karen sighed. She looked down at the Queen of the Plants and said, "This is ridiculous." The Queen looked up at her and frowned. She stomped her foot and said emphatically, "stop Stop STop STOp STOP!!"

Karen stomped on the brakes. She looked down the street. She looked up the street. She looked across the street. Then she looked beside her and saw, to her surprise, The Warehouse Thrift Store.

Karen parked and walked in, and her tiny companion followed.

The two walked up to the elderly clerk, and Karen stared at her with her mouth hanging open. The woman stared back with two of her chins on her chest.

The Queen of the Plants piped up, "WHERE’S MY BARBIE LUNCHBOX?" she demanded.

"Look fer it yerself," warbled the clerk, and turned away.

Up and down the aisles the Queen wandered, and Karen shuffled behind. Through 43 dumpsters of clothes and toys they sifted and came up with nothing.

The Queen (predictably) pouted. She stomped her foot again, and said, “GO!”

Karen left the store, wondering where she was to go, and the Queen followed close behind.

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