Thursday, March 29, 2007


So far this week, Houseboy has been really on his game in the "keeping his sugar-momma happy with food" department, and I almost don't know which delicious dish to write about first. As you can see, to your left, Monday's dish featured homemade macaroni and cheese in little individual dishy thingies with like 17 kinds of cheese and yummybreadcrumbcrustycheesy topping.

There was also some sort of green centerpiece arrangement that silly Houseboy said would help that heart pain I've been having lately.

You can also see in the background the beer bottle cap coffee table that only took about 5 years and 2.5 livers to create. We like to eat modern Japanese style: sitting on the floor in front of the television.

Last night, solemn Houseboy created one of my personal favorite dishes, Eggplant Parmagian. I didn't get a picture, because I kind of accidentally inhaled it all before Houseboy was finished pouring my wine. My excuse is that all I'd had to eat all day was 4 diet cokes and 3 cups of tea. That, and it was fried eggplant smothered in pasta sauce, parmagian and mozzarella. God bless this food to our use and all that.
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  2. it may just be me, however it sounds like manboy is carrying some guilt with him. the food, i'll give you its not exactly fasting material, looks tempting. but that’s what brings us down right..temptation. hang in strong, and fight for what our people know is right. be that Minnesota having a professional hockey team or being able to talk directly to god..either way, fight ms.schmdit..fight.