Friday, May 27, 2011


So, two things: first, the apocalypse has descended upon Nashville in the form of red-eyed minions of Satan:

About which I was totally being cool, even enjoying their weirdness and laughing at everyone else's disgust. But then they went from a couple hundred to a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands to the point where you can't walk down the street without ending up with one in your mouth and you can't drive with your windows down and you can't walk on the grass, and they make this horrible screaming sound when you try to politely discourage them from sitting on the sandwich you are currently eating. Basically they're proliferous assholes, and also very creepy, as they crawl around on the ground among the carcasses of their friends and family.

Second thing: I went from working about 80 hours a week on project work and homework and data collection and studying for and taking PhD comprehensive exams to having only about 20 hours a week of work, and I think something broke inside, because I made two shirts and a skirt and a pie and crab salad and I cleaned the house and committed the perfect murder, all except the last one (probably). Here are some pictures of what I cooked:


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