Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Queen of the Plants stepped over the naked woman in the doorway and entered her bleak house. She looked over the white couch, white curtains, white blinds, white carpeting… she walked through the white hallway, past the white living room and the white kitchen and up the white staircase. She looked into the white bathroom and the white bedroom, then descended the white staircase and laughed.

Just then Karen woke up. She lay motionless on the floor and stared up at the Queen of the Plants in terror and disbelief. Her mouth dropped open.

The Queen laughed again. "You’re the boringest yet!" she cried, and laughed some more.

Karen was silent.

Leaving off laughing, The Queen of the Plants demanded, "Get up!"
Karen obeyed.

"C’mon!" smiled the Queen (for she was nothing if not gracious), and led the way out the door.

Karen grabbed a trench coat and followed close behind.


  1. There are no pictures in this one! What am I supposed to focus on your writing or something?

    I think an all white home could be quite lovely. Her highness surely doesn't have an appreciation for the beauty of a monochromatic, airy space. I think that might be a reflection on the tastes of the author. I know SOMEONE who loves color!

  2. You keep accusing me of having some kind of hand in how this comes out... I'm just relating facts, man. Also, the lack of pictures is partly driven by the difficulty in illustrating WHITE.