Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 6: Investigation

[Once again, this is part of a larger story I wrote many years ago and am just now illustrating. Tell me it's stupid, tell me it's boring, tell me I should be on medication... just tell me something in the comments, please!]

VI: Investigation

The Queen of the Plants, upon discovery of the theft, burst promptly into tears, and no one could console her. After 45 full minutes of red-faced, runny-nosed, painful, gasping sobbing, the Queen of the Plants was allowed to call home. After 2 hours of repeated calls, attempted consolations, maniacal screaming and no end to the crying, the Queen of the Plants was sent home. Shuffling, head down, along the sidewalk, the Queen stopped for no greetings, salutations or otherwise. She contemplated her loss, reliving the past three weeks of incomparable bliss. Her plant subjects were crushed by her slights and drooped their branches in disbelief.

When the Queen reached her home, she sat despondently upon the porch and began to sing to herself. Eventually, the Queen’s mother came out to greet the Queen, handed her a mug of chocolate milk, and said, “There, there, don’t cry anymore. We’ll find your little lunchbox,” then exited again, satisfied with her attempts at comfort.

The Queen of the Plants was very displeased. Knocking the milk into the garden, she put on a powerful pout and stomped into the castle, up the winding staircase, and into her chambers.


And still Karen slept. She unplugged the phone and the clocks, pulled both blinds and curtains, locked all the doors and slept.


  1. The Queen of the Plants really shouldn't take this tragedy out on the garden plants! I mean I assume they are lactose intolerant!

  2. I read a story once where a girl grew a giant pumpkin by feeding it milk... so maybe it will just make massive garden plants?

  3. Was the milk fed pumpkin story part of the little house series....i seem to vaguely remember on of those from little house on the prairie.

  4. Saturday: Stop guessing!
    First Lady: First, thanks for commenting! Second, I think you're right... I couldn't remember where it came from, but since I was really into those books when I was little, that would make sense.