Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is this?

Besides filthy, germ-ridden and disgusting, what would you call the implement pictured above? Because the reason (in part) that it is so ugly is that I've been trying, in vain, to replace it for months.... I've looked at our local grocery store, drug store and Target, and I've searched for it online through Peapod and department stores and discount stores. I've tried keywords such as "Dish Brush," "Dish Scrubber" and "Scrub Brush," all to no avail. At this point, washing our dishes is kind of a cross between a joke and a daredevil stunt. Since I tend to have a kind of arthritic-old-man's grasp on reality, I'd be inclined to think that I imagined the thing and there has never existed any kind of scrub brush made especially for dishes. It always has and always will be sponges and nothing more. But blogspot let me upload a picture of it, so I have reason to assume I'm not that crazy. Though, if you are reading this and there is no picture above, or if the picture is actually of my ass or something, I'd appreciate a heads-up and a padded room, please.


  1. We went through a similar dilemma. Years ago we had a simply fabulous "dish scrubber" which held the soap in the handle and cleaned dishes to perfection. It was yellow. Alas, after keeping it far too long which was determined by the amount of filth and grime on the bristles (yet we still used it) we decided to replace it. Mistakenly, throwing it away before replacing it, because we assumed it could be easily replaced. Needless to say, years later we have yet to find the same instrument and have taken on a course of using easily replaceable colorful sponges, and dish cloths...not the same. You are not alone in your angst. Best of luck in the search, and if you find one that holds soap please let me know!

  2. lists a wide variety of such products under "dishwashing brush" including something magical called the dawn power brush. Though, perhaps, batteries, water and spinning brushes may spell disaster with a houseboy who likes to drink and cook.