Friday, October 10, 2008

I hate Christine Jennings

I have no idea what she stands for, what her politics are, or any of that crap. All I know is her evil minions have figured out how to break every damn spam blocker in the universe and no matter how many times I try to train my e-mail to block out the "Christine Jennings for Congress" e-mails, I still get at least one of these a day. I hope her opponent isn't for puppy raping and baby factories, because there's no effing way she's getting my vote. Even if it means that Voldemort gets it instead and he unleashes the hounds of hell, because spam is way worse than murder.

Unless we're talking about:

In which case that's just a delicious meat food that saved my life on many Boundary Waters camping trips. In conclusion, Christine Jennings may or may not endorse blood sacrifices to her demon god. Spread the word.

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