Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love love love Chicago politics!

So, I never ever write about politics because I hates them like I hates the fat hobbit and marzipan and hair in my mouth. There are so so many things going on in the world that make me unhappy or itchy and I just prefer to look at shiny things and think of Christmas. However, given the buzzy buzzy bugs always saying things like "economic free fall" and "war crimes" and "little Stella's been kidnapped," I have to say that I've found This Week in Chicago Politics to be all kinds of entertaining.

People Who Care, such as Hedgehog should probably be upset about Kindly Mayor Blagojevich soliciting bribes in exchange for the Evil Minority Senator's seat. I mean, that's bad. Like bad bad. As much as I hate it, having a political system NOT based on paternalism and quid pro quo is kind of important. Plus, scoffing at Evil Minority Senator for offering only "appreciation" in exchange for taking his preferred successor...

See this is where it gets hilarious. How can I even be expected to hear about any more of this without picturing Kennedy-Knockoff Mayor laughing uproariously and slamming down the receiver of his giant phone before pulling out his plans to drill to the center of the earth and release giant ants on the mole people. Look at that picture by the way. THIS is how he got elected, in case you wondered. He looked us deep in the eyes and said, softly, sweetly: "Baby, you can trust me! I have such lovely hair and teeth!" And we thought about how important eating celery and dusting things with your head are to our great state, and we fell in love.

Ok, so to leave you with a parting shot, this is the first thing Houseboy sent me after hearing about this:


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