Monday, December 15, 2008

List O' The Week

A new feature, ladies and gentlemen: List O' The Week.  In this feature I will be lazy and not write in full sentences.  This week's list:Things I Will Do Today Instead of Working.  Enjoy!

  1. Make myself some tea and oatmeal
  2. Talk to Houseboy on the googletalks
  3. Catch up on Dugout Chats
  4. Refill my tea
  5. Chat with Hedgehog 
  6. Read Hedgehog's Blog  (rhyming is fun!)
  7. Meet a strange man in the ladies room holding a wrench and standing over the heater
  8. Refill my tea, but worry a little bit about it this time
  9. Catch up on Natalie Dee
  10. Pretend I lost everything in a fire and somehow had a million dollars in insurance and restock my home at
  11. Investigate the bathroom.  Decide to use the one downstairs
  12. Refill my tea
  13. Reheat some delicious risotto made by Houseboy and eat it at my desk, so it looks like I'm working hard
  14. Feed the new office fish
  15. Turn on my Japanese star lantern so that it looks more cheery in here
  16. Decide the bathroom is safe, discover I still have hat hair
  17. Refill my tea
  18. Enter what I've eaten into my food log.  Skip all the cups of tea.
  19. Check out Twins Geek for Twins news
  20. Join a coworker in taunting the fish with a mirror
  21. Eat a bunch of candy from the office candy dish
  22. Refill my tea
  23. Leave it on my desk and head home early because of "weather"

1 comment:

  1. There's an office fish? That's weird. Did you tell me about a fish?