Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting to know me

Word I wish people used to describe me when I'm not around: Stalwart

Word they almost certainly actually use: Goober

When you tell me your name I say: Harold, nice to meet you!

When you tell me your name I think: Shit, what was that name again?

Number of socks I own: 743

Pairs of sock I own: no idea

Number of times per day I keep myself from saying something stupid: 12,281 (on average)

Number of times per day I say something stupid anyway: a matter of opinion

If I had to describe what it's like inside my head I would say: Have you seen that game where they stand in a phone booth and try to catch money while it flies around?

What it's really like inside my head: Imagine like if cotton were soaked in black tar and you're trying to find a feather using a metal detector but you have to watch out for the laser pointer on the end that can get really hot and accidentally shoot down things in outer space.


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