Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because I am old

Here are some things I no longer find cute or amusing:

  1. When you pull up in your car and turn to your friend and say "I didn't want to say anything when I picked you up, but I think I'm still drunk from last night! Ha ha!"
  2. When you wear pajamas as clothing, particularly when you have a hard time crossing the street quickly enough because your bunny slippers are sliding off the back of your feet.
  3. When you're totally making out in the student center and start sliding over the back of the couch and into my head.

Things, on the other hand, that make me laugh out loud only not out loud, but in my head because I'm sitting here alone, and I am not crazy:

  1. When you keep trying to sneak a peak of your hair in the window reflection whenever he isn't looking.
  2. When you try to discuss the finer points of plagiarism, like whether it's really cheating if you don't, like, copy the whole thing.
  3. That you sat rightnexttome even though there are 30,000 open seats in other places, including South Dakota.

Oh wait, that last one doesn't amuse me, it makes me murderous. Sometimes I get confused on account of all the laughing that is happening as I'm stabbing you to death.



  1. Oh damn. I'm going to have to get on that whole pajamas thing. My slippers have monkeys, not bunnies. Are they okay?

    I hate people who sit right next to me when there are other seats available. At movie theaters, restaurants, libraries, everywhere.

  2. Monkeys are fine. They show class. Bunnies are for skanks.