Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psychotic break

So, if it seems to you like this is just becoming a dream journal in which I remind you biweekly that my headbrain is still as messed up as it has always been, then you're right, because last night I dreamed that Houseboy was a meth addict and when I confronted him about it he was all "No, I'm not, I'm just experimenting, and I don't even do it that much" and then he snorted some meth, and I had to say "But you're doing meth RIGHT NOW, right in front of me!" And he just shrugged and then pulled out the baggie of meth (which in my head, apparently, looks a lot like rock salt) and a spoon and started spooning it into his mouth, and I was all "OMG, I don't think that's how you're supposed to do it, I don't even know if that is better or worse, both in terms of getting high and in terms of dying from being a big drug addict, FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE STOP IT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!"

But anyway the only reason I'm telling you about this is because Hedgehog today accused me of being in a "silly" mood, and I had to look back over our chat to see why she would say that, and I realized it was because she kept talking about totally normal things and I kept saying things like "When you say Mac it reminds me of mac and cheese!" or "You're a dirty sociologist!" or telling stories about how my mom used to say "Do you want sugar, honey? Or honey, sugar?" when she made me tea, and so really by "silly mood," she was just being nice and really she meant that I had reverted to being a four year old who just said whatever random thing came into my head, and so I decided that I should share this story on a blog because I really haven't done enough damage today.



  1. Yay! I like when you're crazy! Esta muy divertido a mi. or something.

    So, don't seek help, just keep telling me strange things, especially dreams where Houseboy is screwing up the whole drug addict thing. I really wonder how Freud would interpret that dream. You're so busy with school and work that you feel a real loss of time with Houseboy and are concerned that you don't even know what is going on in his life. That's a start, but why was he doing it wrong? Hmm. Maybe he was doing it wrong because you don't actually know how one would do Meth, so you started to dream it wrong and then your brain realized it was wrong so you reacted to that. Or maybe you are concerned that Houseboy may start acting out because you are so busy. (not to imply that he's a child or a cat, just brainstorming). I think I have potential in a future of dream analysis. Continue your psychotic break so I can explore this possible career path.

  2. Oh my god! You got another chinese comment. I will ask my officemate to translate on Monday. Maybe it will be unspecific well wishing again!