Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Brain is like a Skipping Record... Old and Technologically Trite

I forgot my book this morning, because I was reading it on the stationary bike last night because I couldn't watch TV because Houseboy has Ebola and if you make a noise louder than a dormouse sitting on a daffodil, he will raise up his head and groan and then pass out again and you have to go check if he's still breathing.

Anyway, my iPod is also out of batteries and has been for about 3 weeks because I have this iPod:

Which is from 1749 in technology years, and that means that when I charge it I get about 45 minutes of music, which just barely gets me to work most days.

Anyway, I didn't notice that I forgot my book until I was already on the bus, and so I had to spend the rest of the time hoping some chatty dude didn't sit next to me and looking out the window pretending there was really interesting shit out there.  

Therefore, I spent a lot of time thinking about why there are glass bricks in the median in Lakeshore drive, whether there's a tunnel under there, and how many stories there are in the new condos they put up around 15th street and whether that's taller than a lot of the buildings in downtown because it looks like it and whether those bushes are raspberry bushes, and if so how come there are a couple red raspberries on them when they look dead and when the season for raspberries is anyway.

Mmm.  Raspberries.


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