Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Hundred Blogs of Solitude

Welcome to the 100th post, ladies and gentlepersons!  I should try to make this a good one.  

What is good/funny/interesting that I can tell you?  Let's start with books! I participated in this Facebook meme "100 Books," which claims that, according to the BBC, the average person will have read only 6 books on the list.  Because there are few things that I love more than feeling superior to the British, I made my little check marks and came up with 53.  So far second only to Houseboy's college roommate in total number.  After I did it, so did Soda Pop, and she seemed to think that you're allowed to put a 0.5 next to things when you started reading them on my recommendation and then stopped halfway through and will tell people all the time about how much you hated it.  In that case, I should really get 53.5 because I tried reading the Bible once, and also I hear selections from it every Sunday when I'm paying attention.  But no, I'm not a cheater like that.  Anyway, the list is pretty much bogus, since there are overlaps and repetitions and also you only get one check for reading "The Complete Works of Shakespeare" and one for reading "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," which is a great book, but only like 100 pages.  It fulfilled its purpose, though, as I feel smarter than almost everyone, except my Korean friend who read like 43, and should get double points since it's not her native language.

This same friend also once came to my house for Halloween, and we proceeded to get more than sloppy, and I will never ever recover from the amazement at her ability to continue to speak English as she passed out on our couch.

In other news, I did 20 crunches yesterday and today I can barely sit up.  I'm getting old, folks.  There was a time when I could do hundreds, and then go swim two miles and then run 10 miles and then wrestle a cougar.  Sadly, I killed all the cougars and now I'm out of shape.

Speaking of being old, I watched Garden State last night, which I own and I love, but has evolved over the last few years in how I relate to it.  When it came out I was about the age and life-stage of the characters, and I thought the Natalie Portman character was just about the coolest thing ever and I wanted to scream into the infinite abyss and all that.  Now when I watch it I get nostalgic for a time when I gave a shit about stuff, and I think the poor Natalie Portman character has a lot of issues she needs to work out, and I still want to scream into the infinite abyss, but it would probably be unseemly for a woman of my age and position.  

So, that's about all for the 100th blog of all time, here's hoping we make it to 101.


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