Friday, April 17, 2009

I am. Sofa King. We Todd Ed.

Just a few notes on the things I like and hate about Chicago as I enter my last few months here.  In the "like" column:

  •  I rode on the bus yesterday woman with a woman reeking of booze at 7 o'clock in the morning, and she was wearing nurse's scrubs.  I hope she didn't kill anyone yesterday.
  • Last night we tried to order Chinese food, but the gas was out at the restaurant, so we settled for Indian.  Where I grew up we didn't have pizza delivery until I was 12.
  • Last weekend someone rang our buzzer and told me they wanted to tell me about a funeral, and I came downstairs in my workout clothes only to find out that it was a funeral for Jesus, being put on by the Mormons.  
In the hate column:
  • I have to go to a work party this weekend at a coworker's house, and it is 20 miles from my house, and we both live in the city.  And I don't even live at the farthest South end.  Where I grew up, 20 miles got you to the big town that had a 4 screen movie theater and a Walmart.  That was more fun.
  • It has not even gotten warm yet and already the air here is choking with tar stench.  Why does every roof in the city need to be re-tarred every spring and summer?  Can't they invent some kind of new tar that lasts more than a year?
  • The White Sox.  And the Cubs.  And the Bears.  And the Bulls.  I hate them all, to differing degrees and in different ways.  The Blackhawks are wearing on me too.


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