Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'll give you a Twitter

Today in my perambulations of the internet, in between arguing with stupid people and yelling at Unix, I have encountered at least ten references to this thing they call "Twitter."  I figured that if I don't say something soon, I'll be outed as an old and probably granny-panties-wearing loser, and I do not want a repeat of 3rd grade, thank you.

Anyway, consider this my vote of NO.

No to Twitter.  No to people using Twitter, or "Tweeting," no to people reading Twitter, or "Twitees" and definite N. O. to people like me, writing about people Tweeting and getting Twitted, who will now be known as "Twitterpaters."  


P.S. - Has anyone else noticed how often I've been using the "Mental Illness" tag lately?  Is that something I should bring up with my therapist?


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