Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Parents Put Up With a Lot

One time, when I was in first grade, we went with my family to an aquarium.  I remember that there were giant, um, aquariums, with fish inside and they were colorful and all.  But mostly I remember there were eleventy million people there and I was short and not pushy like my sister, so I didn't see much.  At some point I guess I got bored with that, because I crawled under one of the aquarii and fell asleep.  My parents and my sister moved on to the next exhibit, which was probably sharks fighting alligators or something, because they didn't notice I wasn't there.

I was awoken by a middle aged woman (though I was 6 years old, so actually she might have been like 25), who gently got me up, asked me where my parents were, and when I couldn't tell her, she brought me to the main office because she thought I was homeless.  

I hung out there for awhile until they found my parents, who were like "Yeah, thanks for thinking our kid is homeless.  We'll make sure to wipe the chocolate ice cream off her shirt before we go out in public next time."


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