Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to Me

Hi. Because I've been running from meeting to meeting to class to meeting to homework to class to meeting to circus, I've kind of developed this "losing track of.... um... What was I saying? " problem which I might have mentioned in part the other day when I told you about my difficulty with words, which I'm informed means I have aphasia which is a kind of brain damage and maybe something I should have mentioned to my doctor this morning, but she was talking about her husband's gray hair and her twelve year old who finds her embarrassing and I was trying to keep my heart rate regular and in time with the music.

This problem may even be occurring right now as I try to write what is definitely the least demanding type of prose, the "here's everything that's in my brain" barf on a page and hope that someone out there cares, or maybe especially that a lot of strangers out there care so that your blog can become famous and become a book, thereby adding fuel to the whole "written word on a page" over e-words on e-pages controversy that I know we're all following very closely. I probably won't end up that kind of famous though because I don't blog enough about my bodily functions or my sex life, both of which are exactly as they should be, I assure you, and if you don't believe me ask my doctor, because she was mightily impressed at how awesomely healthy I am; I think she mentioned making some kind of new scale where I'm at the top but then pointed out that that wouldn't be fair to others because there's no way they could ever reach that high.

But the point I was trying to make is that I had a meeting cancelled today which allowed me to actually read a couple things that are due at dates later than tomorrow/yesterday and then still had a little time to read a blog or two and would you believe it there is a crop of NEW bloggers who are just starting and doing their whole "Introduction" post which I never so much exactly did, and I was going to come up with some adjectives or descriptive tidbits to tell you all about me, but then I remembered that 95% of you have known me since about birth or at least one of my many rebirths (due to the aforementioned dearth of salacious tidbits to entice outsiders) and so you'd know anything I tell you, even if I told you for example that I'm afraid of Claymation. Which I'm not. I just think it's evil and wrong and ruins Christmas.


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