Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've never done this before

TMI Thursday

It's called TMI Thursday and you're supposed to share a story that is Too Much Information. I figure every day on my blog is too much information just by virtue of being a blog by a nonfamous person with a totally uninteresting life (see the last 190 posts, approximately), but I guess this kind of TMI has to do with telling stories about your naughty bits, which I may have mentioned yesterday I don't do, but I figured since today I'm going to talk about my armpits, maybe it actually qualifies as a traditional TMI in that not everybody wants to read about my armpits.

Anyway, today is one of those days where I actually don't have meetings or class in the morning and although I have about 20 articles on social promotion and graduation requirements to read, I'm just not doing it, even though they're sitting right next to me, instead I watched The Price Is Right and then put on a dress for today and was thinking of wearing my cute boots because it's not 123 degrees outside, but then I realized that what I'm wearing is sleeveless, and although I shaved yesterday apparently that's not quite good enough anymore. Once upon a time I could shave and not worry about it again for a day or two and then still not shave for a day or two after that because I wore something with sleeves. And then also I use this stuff called "Nads" that's like wax and is supposed to last longer than shaving, but lately it isn't really lasting that long and since the doctor always feels your lymph nodes during the yearly physical I decided to shave yesterday to be polite to her, not that she really cares but I imagine a situation in which she goes to feel my lymph nodes and goes "How can I even find them in all of this?? You'll have to come back after you've learned to care for yourself properly and by the way you DO get graded for this, and you're getting an F."

But I guess what I'm saying is that I'm wearing a sleeveless dress on a sleeved-up lifestyle, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean, ask Craig Finn, he can explain it to you in between drinking and yelling to himself. I actually think it means something about heroin, which only applies in the sense that people who use a lot of heroin probably shouldn't wear sleeveless dresses and neither should people who aren't willing to groom, like me.

Anyway, I've got a cardigan and a distaste for changing my clothes, so I'm off to class.



  1. Cardigans have saved my ass in more than a few *hairy* situations.


  2. Thanks, Dad ;)

    I also employed the "keeping my arms down" strategy, and didn't get any disgusted looks that I saw, so I think I'm home free.

  3. ok, I have to confess to showing up at the gym in a sleeveless top and realizing quite at the last possible moment that I really shouldnt be lifting weights! Like, really shouldn't be! This would be seconds after eyeing some hot gym across the way just as the arms are completely raised....
    Shudder still thinking of it!
    Ran straight upstairs and planted my sorry ass on the bike until said victim left...(1 1/2 hours later, thank you so very much~)
    Sheer embarrassment for a lifetime, no possibility of a date with him ever, but one hell of a cardio workout in frustration!!!!!
    Rule to all-ALWAYS keep a spare razor in gym bag!!!!!

  4. ok, that would be "hot guy" not "hot gym" really must be worked up !!! sorry all!!

  5. Ohhh no! Yeah, razor in the gym bag is always a good idea. Nice work on 90 minutes on the bike, though!