Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have red hair gel

Let's say for the sake of argument that it's the Wednesday before Halloween and I haven't bought any candy or made a costume or RSVP'd to the local awesome party that I'm sure is happening at one of the rock clubs but probably starts after 9pm and so I wouldn't make it anyway after I fall into a sugar coma from all that candy I haven't bought yet and drool down the front of my nonexistent costume. But anyway, you obviously can't help me with the candy or the staying up past sunset issues, but maybe if I give you a list of things in my closet you can design me an awesome costume?

In my Box o' Halloween Crap I have: red hair gel, one of those square things of white and green and black makeup, some spiderwebs and a princess hat. Possibly costume-related items in my closet include: turquoise boots, a cowboy shirt, black jeans with weird zippers, a graduation gown, red and white striped socks, one of those Chinese shirts, blue pleather pants and a flare orange hat with a flashlight on it.




  1. I'm thinking "Raggedy Ann: the awkward teenage goth years."

  2. I really like that idea too! I read this yesterday and tried to come up with a good idea. Nothing. Howard's idea is brilliant though!

    Take pictures!