Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's start celebrity gossip!

Do you ever have those dreams where it seems really real, and then you wake up and it takes you a minute to realize where you are, and then sometimes you fall back asleep and end up in exactly the same place in the dream and so the second time you wake up it's even harder to put all your brain cells back in the right place? Last night I had one in which Seth Rogan and I were good friends and he was having a really hard time with his wife and couldn't talk to anyone else about it, and I was being very helpful.

It's fading now, but when I woke up I was really worried about him.

Anyone out there want to go check in? Make sure he's doing all right? Or maybe just let The Star know that he might be getting divorced?




  1. Hahahaha. I have these all the time. It really freaks me out when I wake up.

    Unfortunately mine are usually about ex-boyfriends. I'd like that to stop now.

  2. Seth Rogen is "The Star"? I work with about 70 people who look just like him, and it ain't pretty.

  3. Shine: Weirdly enough I almost never have these dreams about real people or places. You'd think that would make it easier to distinguish from reality, but....

    Jeff: I actually meant "The Star" the gossip magazine... but just to annoy you I might start calling him that.

  4. Must be the almost full moon. We'rea ll havig bizzare dreams!