Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it November already?

For all you living in normal climates with "seasons" and everything, this may come as no surprise, but it seems as though fall/winter has snuck up on me, probably owing to the fact that it's still 70 degrees outside and I think I saw tulips on my way in this morning, but we went ahead and ended Daylight Savings Time anyway, so on the first of November we can wear shorts and t-shirts as we sit out on the back porch in the dark at 5 o'clock.

Not that either the warmth or the darkness affected me much this weekend, since I had my first multi-day migraine in a while, so I was mostly hiding out under the covers with a heating pad, which is also warm and dark I guess so come to think of it there's a theme here of some kind. The theme is actually that just because you think the migraine is gone and you're so very proud of your drug regimen and all doesn't mean you can sit around eating Snickers for dinner because it turns out that WILL catch up with you. This time last year I was in the middle of that elimination diet to find any food triggers and had to track down candy without high fructose corn syrup or dairy or nuts or wheat, which I assure you was delicious in a really boring fruit-flavored kind of way.

Anyway, what that means is that I'm now in that post-migraine fugue state where I sometimes can't remember my fingers and if you are harsh with me I might burst into tears or just stare at you with that dead-eyed Paris Hilton look until you question the very foundation of reality.

Paris Hilton is still the hot gossip right?



  1. Holy shit! I've never heard the term "fugue state." You've told me about your post migraine craziness, but I think you spared me the fancy terms. Or maybe you said them and I just used context clues to figure out the strange thing you were saying. Or maybe I don't listen to you at all.

    Anyway, "fugue state." I would totally use it if I were clear on the pronounciation.

    Let's pretend I'm not completely narcisistic and that I didn't make your post about your evil migraine all about my vocabulary:

    Oh no! You gave yourself a migraine with Snickers! Poor Antelope! I hope you remember your personal identity and some and/or all of your past very soon. Unless it's a really convenient excuse for getting out of work and/or school.

  2. I think it's pronounced "fyoog" with a hard G. Also, it may or may not be another serious form of brain damage that I probably don't really have, I just like to have an excuse for the way I behave.