Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yes, I watch television

In honor of trying to return to posting about things that are not clothing-related, I thought I'd tell you about all the TV I've been watching recently. We figured out how to connect our Wii to the Netflix, so we have been having self-imposed marathons of TV shows we weren't cool enough to watch most of the first time around, like Pushing Daisies, The Guild, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and now Dollhouse.

Pushing Daisies was just my kind of weird and bizarre, but I can also see why it got cancelled after only one midseason-replacement season and one strike-shortened season. By the end of it, the repetition of the "I'm sorry I got mad at you, it's just that I'm sad that no one knows I'm alive, but I'm happy you made me alive again, even though it means you can never touch me or I'll die again" and the "I understand why you're sad and I hope you're not upset that I made you alive again because I'm not even though I can never touch you or you'll die again" stuff got a little weary.

The Guild is a web series that started off just wretched, particularly in terms of the acting, which I suppose is to be expected from a web series, but actually did get better over the course of the show. Plus, I just love Felicia Day, because she is adorable and hilarious and altogether awesome.

We watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog over Thanksgiving, and it was amazing, as expected, but also terribly sad which I did not expect, but all-in-all reinforced the awesomeness of both Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris and is definitely the best thing to come of the Writer's Strike, in my opinion.

Finally, we're now in the second season of Dollhouse, which we actually did watch some of in its first season back when it was on the air. I remember liking it then (again, Joss Whedon, how could I not?), but recognizing its flaws in terms of the pacing and the not-great acting of the dolls in their "doll state." Watching them all back-to-back definitely improved the pacing, and the "doll state" parts get fewer and further between, and also get more depth. Now the problem in the second season is that we watched the episode at the end of Season One that never aired, but was shown at ComicCon or something, and it puts a very different feel over everything that happens in Season Two, so it's much much darker. Actually, come to think of it, that's not a problem at all, it just makes it so I need to take more breaks between episodes or I descend into utter madness. You know... like that.

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