Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exponentially Older

It doesn't happen that often, but this birthday I actually felt my age coming. Last night I went to bed with a shoulder pain, so I put a heating pad on it. After a little while it was still uncomfortable, so I lifted my head up to adjust the heating pad, and the pain in my shoulder shot out in every direction kind of like when you're in a water balloon fight and you squeeze the balloon too hard and there's a flaw in the plastic and it explodes all over you and then the water balloon fight is no fun anymore, except in this case the water is pain and so it was never fun in the first place. Anyway, now I feel like a very old person because moving hurts and I walk hunched over. Even Denise Austin yoga couldn't solve it. However, it did make for a good beginning to my birthday since I decided to take this 15 year old VHS tape and finally dub it onto DVD (just in time for DVDs to go completely out of vogue... another sign I'm old), and it turns out that after the credits there is an advertisement for all the other Denise Austin workout tapes, in which she wears pastel unitards and steps rhythmically to some very late 80s / early 90s bowchickawahhh music. That was pretty awesome.

Also awesome were the scones and tea that Houseboy made for my birthday breakfast, which looked just like these, but with butterscotch chips in them! Happy birthday to me!

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