Friday, August 14, 2009


Since we spent a good portion of our actual five year wedding anniversary yesterday on I-65 where the most exciting thing that happens is when you see a horse trailer full of mattresses, the real celebration starts this morning, with tea and Houseboy's famous scones, which really deserve a closeup:

That's mascarpone doing good work taking the place of clotted cream, and blueberry preserves from the fancy grocery store.

Don't you wish you were married to him? Well, too bad for you.



  1. Happy 5th Anniversary. Looks delicious. And I love how the tv remote comes with the tea and scones!

  2. happy anniversary. i was trying to look up a list of things to get my WIFE (wow) on anniversaries, but now i know that 5th is Baked Goods

  3. Thanks all! And Jeff, if you're smart, you'll make baked goods the every anniversary.