Thursday, August 27, 2009

That one time I almost died

Yesterday I was eating lunch between classes and this dinosaur attacked me:

It went really slowly, but it was determined. It was probably because it knew I made this awesome salad the other day with fruit and cheese and stuff, without even any help from Houseboy and in fact a lot of him standing around me going "Really? Whole slices? You don't want to cube them?" And "You know what really works for that? Try a peeler." And "You are an inadequate cook, maybe I should just take over here and you should go back to working full time and get out of my kitchen." But then it turned out like this:

And like this:

And then Houseboy didn't even say, "Oh how delicious, my wife!" He just ate it and made grunting noises, and I told him I was going to blog about it and he said "I'll comment then and make you regret it," and I said "You don't know how to work the internet," and then he hit me with a brick.

Ok, the last part isn't true. But the part about the killer bug definitely is.



  1. Nom, nom, nom.

    There are some freaking looking mutant bugs out there! You should carry insectiside on your key chain or some shit.

  2. Did you name it? The dinosaur, I mean. It might be a previously undiscovered species.

    If you named the salad, I wanna hear about that, too.

  3. Saturday: Insecticide is not a bad idea at all. I need it way more than the mace and whistle and stabby tool I had in Chicago.

    Shine: The dinosaur is (tentatively) named Clint. I'm not into the whole Latin science naming thing because it's against my religion and also I don't know Latin. Call it a Clintosaurus if you must. The salad has no name, so you'll just have to call it "That really awesome salad you made that one time."

  4. Don't see much protein in that meal. Perhaps you should have included the bug.

  5. Trooper: Doesn't brie count as protein? Also, I think if I ate Clint I might have to worry about a body snatching situation, since I'm pretty sure that guy can't die and would just eat me from the inside out.

  6. Is that melted brie on the bread?

    I think I love you.

  7. LiLu: Yes! The brie is what actually made Houseboy very appreciative, despite my portrayal.