Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chilly Killies

It's been a long time since I've done a "Things My Houseboy Cooked for Me" blog, and it's not because he stopped cooking for me, but because I stopped taking pictures and started just eating it all up before he could get a fork in there.

Welcome to unemployment in Nashville, though, where I make him wait for five goddamn minutes, it won't get cold, it will be fine, I think if I turn the flash off it will work better, I guess 12 pictures ought to at least yield one worth posting, thank goodness for digital cameras, am I right?

So, here are the chilaquiles that he saw featured on some show and then googled and figured out how to make, and with which I helped by frying the eggs and heating up some beans and adding salt while he made homemade tortilla chips and then refried them in fancy green salsa and then assembled it all into this mountain of deliciousness which I hereby nominate to be the new "Way I will get fat" of 2009:

I also had closeup pictures, but they sucked, so that's all you get. Aren't you jealous? It was delicious and then for dessert we shared a thing of blueberries about as big as your computer. If your computer is the same size as mine. Which is bigger than a breadbox.

Ok, back to the Today Show, which is teaching me about reclining high chairs, and I'm wondering if they come in adult sizes because they look really comfortable.

P.S. - Houseboy knows how to pronounce chilaquiles, but enjoyed annoying me by calling them chilly killies. He's so charming.


  1. But you're running! So you can eat all the chilly killies you want.

    Plus, if you're fatter there's a better chance the cars will bounce off you.

  2. I just have to stop eating them at least an hour before I run, or bad things might happen. You make a good point about bouncability, though