Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Diary of My February

Early in February it was quite cold, and I did not want to run:

The cats agree:

Later, we went to Philadelphia, where it turns out, it's pretty warm compared to Chicago.  

We learned important history lessons, like that everyone stands in front of the Liberty Bell for a picture, and they all act very civilized:

I also learned that if you walk in behind a group of Chinese tourists, you will have a terrifying moment where you wonder if you missed the outcome of some important war, because the employees will accidentally speak Chinese to you, and all the displays will already have the "tell me about history in Chinese" button pressed, and you'll have to ask your Houseboy if he's hearing it too.  

In other history news, turns out the Irish were not totally happy about coming here, and a lot of them died:

When not speaking Chinese, the people of Philadelphia like to remember the potato famine.

When we got home, it was 55 degrees outside, and Chicago looked like this:


Welcome home!


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