Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What in the eggspot, Google?

So, I recently downloaded this Google ChromeTM browser because I am on the GoogleTM teat as much as you possibly can be without actually getting paid or even seeing any nipple. Anyway, all in all I like it all right... it's got that "sleek" thing going that I like so well, plus when you open a new tab it's like "We know you only go to like 9 websites: here they all are, just click on one," which is cool in that "Everything I do is being watched" kind of way. Which, p.s., is the best kind of way.

But I found out after trying a bunch of times that it will literally NOT OPEN Hotmail. Do they have a feud? Is Google too good for my junk mail and internet shopping receipts? Possible. Fine, I'll just open that using Mozilla, which is annoying, but whatever.

Then, after about a million bazillion tries today, I discovered that the same damn thing has happened to BloggerTM! Is not BloggerTM owned by GoogleTM? Do they not want me to blog? That's it, isn't it? Google is sick of my blathering nonsense and they want me gone, so they blocked my access to BloggerTM via Google ChromeTM, and they think that is done with that.

Boy are they wrong. Just to show them, I wrote this long and rambling nonsense using MOZILLA. Um. Go me.


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