Monday, February 2, 2009

Freaks, Frauds and Fine Fellows

So, this weekend, despite having a whole entire Super Bowl to watch as well as many showings of the Puppy Bowl and also tackling the sudden need to rearrange the books in our house to accomodate another "Books I'm in the middle of, leave me alone woman!" shelf for Houseboy, I still managed to breeze through this little number:

Which is just exactly why the McSweeney's Book Release Club was the very best Christmas present last year, and I should renew it for myself this year.  The Book Club sends you a new McSweeney's release just when you were about to have to read "The Road," by Cormac McCarthy and were really depressed about it.  It also sends you a nonfiction work by a guy who "collected" stories about the weirdness of humanity in the late 19th century, when humanity was at its weirdest*.  And then you HAVE to read it, because otherwise it goes on your shelf back in the B's, which you already finished reading a long time ago, and someone will inevitably visit your house and peruse your books and go "What is this?  This looks interesting!  Please report all you know about it" and you'll have to sheepishly explain that you never read it because, even though it's only 116 pages including the introduction, your life is just TOO BUSY and you had IMPORTANT THINGS to do, like fall asleep in front of "Just Friends" for the third time this weekend.

Anyway, even after all that, it also turns out to be a great and fantastic and entertaining read about "Freaks, Frauds and Fine Fellows," which happen to be my three most favorite things, and if you doubt it you should know that my fifth-ish date with Houseboy involved inviting him to see the movie Freaks with me when my Horror, Lit and Film professor was showing it in the science building.  We're so romantic.  

* By this, of course, I refer to unselfconscious and non-dangerous weirdness.  The Holocaust does not count, for example, and neither do any of the videos on YouTube.

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  1. FYI - "Just Friends" is one of Partner's kitchen chore movies. As in, he will leave it in the kitchen DVD player all week, and watch it over and over every time he's in the kitchen washing my dishes or making me dinner.