Friday, February 20, 2009

Seventy-Five Percent More Powerful

So, I'm through the first day and halfway through the second day of learning how to be a better presenter, and let me tell you something.  I look freaking weird.  I'm a weird looking lady.  This is all I think about while watching the videos of myself.  I'm supposed to be examining stance and eye contact and what not and all I can think is "Is that really what I look like?"  

I know that your voice sounds different to you because you're hearing it inside your head, and the first time I ever heard a recording, I was like "What a freaking dork!  Who is that?"  But, honestly, what is my excuse for not knowing what I look like?  I gaze in the mirror for at least two hours every morning and evening.  I use multiple mirrors to see all sides of myself.  I fill photo albums with pictures of me in all hairstyles and combinations of dress and standing outdoors in front of monuments and indoors with liquor bottles.  I thought I knew what I looked like, but apparently I've just been catching myself in good lighting and good angles every time.  

This is not doing good things for my self-esteem, blogees.


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