Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I call in sick on my last day?

Dudes, I have a cold. I know, right? Will the world ever be fair and just? I have about four sick days left, and in any other week I wouldn't even have thought twice about it. I'd have called my boss early enough that there was no way I'd have to talk to anyone but his answering machine, said "Boss man, I have the sniffles and work is just too much for me right now," and then started to cry and maybe have a coughing fit or something.

But no. I only have five (four and 3/4) days of work left, so apparently it's bad form to call in sick. Because, what? I'll get fired? They'll call up Vanderbilt and be like "Just a warning, your new student TOTALLY called in sick in her last week of work. That's the kind of person you're letting in to your program now. You're welcome."

Speaking of getting fired, at my first job out of grad school, my best friend (who worked there with me) quit and then went back to her desk, got a phone call, and was informed that they were firing her instead. They sent security to escort her out and everything. Oh, and p.s., it was her birthday. Thus began my illustrious career that I am now attempting to escape by going back to school again.

Also, no matter what your big sister tells you, butterflies and moths don't bite, not even if they're really mad at you for pulling the petals off a flower. I'm on DayQuil.



  1. F that dude! If you're sick you're sick.

    And don't feel bad about it. Partner told me about a coworker who gave her two weeks notice on the last day before her scheduled two week vacation. She didn't feel bad. And she was actually staying with the organization, just taking a job with a different program. Obviously, burning bridges would actually have an effect on her, but she did it anyway.

    Therefore, 1 sick day + not needing those bridges = feel free to take your sick day dude.

  2. I'd call in sick. Don't let the man bring you down!

    Your sister is still scaring me...

    You're going to Vanderbilt to study what? I always think about going there for grad school.

  3. of course you can call in sick on your last day. i've seen many people turn in their two week notice along with their vacation form using two weeks of vacation.

    don't mix the orange and green nyquil; its like crossing the streams

  4. Saturday: I totally wish I had done that. I have 20 days of vacation saved, and I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to get paid for it.

    Shine: I'm going to study Education Policy and, of course, Southern Culture. At least in the form of fried things and cornbread.

    Jeff: I feel like total protonic reversal might be a good thing for my mind right now. I'm going to cross the streams.

  5. just remember to duck when marshmallow fluff comes flying at you. and bring graham crackers and chocolate.

  6. Just promise me you won't do that thing where you take the cornbread and crumble it up into a glass of buttermilk and eat it with a spoon. That makes me gag.