Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a Job-Aholic

Not a work-aholic, you understand. Though I dabbled in those waters as well (thank you Staffing Services, for teaching me the ways of the 100-hour work week, and thank you Religious Organization for introducing me to TMJ and weekly migraines. Love you both.) No, it turns out I'm just addicted to having a job. Here I am, first day out in jobless land and I'm about to tear my hair out already. I woke up promptly at 6 a.m. I watched the end of a movie about a spelling bee (on mute because Houseboy slept soundly next to me. Guess how exciting a movie about a spelling bee is on mute. Very Very Exciting). Then I went for a run. Now I'm writing a blog. Next I'm going to take my car in to get repaired because a tree fell on it this weekend. After that I might just drop by my job and see if any data needs analyzing. You know. Because I'm free. Yikes. Are those bugs under my skin?

Anyway, I realized that (except for three torturous months of unemployment after my master's degree) I've had a job since I was 12 years old. Here's the list in chronological order:

Babysitting (of course) (1991-1996)
Answering phones at a funeral home (1992-1993)
Filing at a doctor's office (1993-1994)
Lifeguard (1994-1995)
Pizza delivery driver (1995-1997)
Teacher's Assistant at a Montessori School (1997-1998)
Retail Whatever at Eastern Mountain Sports in Burnsville Mall (1998-1999)
Americans with Disabilities Act Tutor (1999-2001)
Data Entry at Blue Cross Blue Shield (1999-1999)
Retail Whatever at Levi's in Mall of America (1999-2001)
Postal Clerk (2000-2000)
Personal Care Attendant (2001-2001)
Retail Whatever at Cheapo Records (2001-2001)
Teacher's Assistant at local schools (2002-2003)
School Counselor at local Catholic school (2002-2003)
Supportive Services at local community organization (2003-2004)
Bitch of the Month at Staffing Services (2004-2005)
Whipping Girl at Religious Organization (2005-2007)
Awesomesest Researcher Ever at Government Organization (2006-2009)

Obviously a lot of those jobs ran concurrent.

Anyway, I'm on now to get my PhD in Education Policy at Vanderbilt, starting in August, and I'll be doing a fellowship at the same time, so I guess I'll have enough work to do when the time comes and I should enjoy these few months off. Not to mention figure out how to move three bedrooms full of accumulated crap into one and a half bedrooms seven hours away. Hm... maybe that can be the next data analysis project.



  1. Woman, this is a direct order (you can tell because I called you "woman"): REST. Just relax. Do something you love instead of doing things you need to do. If only for a few days.

    That means you can feel free to order buffalo wings, save the bones, and paint them with watercolor paints. What? That's weird?

  2. you know whats so awesome that i forgot it existed during school?

    reading for FUN!

    before you head back to assigned reading and textbooks that cost more than toyotas, pick a book that'll make you laugh

  3. Wow. Both VERY good ideas. I'm on the way to the store to get buffalo wings and a Dave Eggers novel right now.

    I actually fought the urge to go back to work and watched the movie "Hangover" instead. At 1:30 in the afternoon. Good stuff.