Friday, June 12, 2009


So, this is me on my last days of work:

Why do I get to sit here all day every day for the last three years basically minding my own business except for when other people want to mind my business and sometimes when there was a datamergency and I had to stay at the office until all hours of the night, but the point is mostly I got to read the Internet cover to cover every day as long as I got my work done, but now all of a sudden when I'm going to be leaving for good people are all up in my face every two seconds with the stupidest of all dumb questions that ever existed and also they hire someone who thinks it's totally ok to ask me if he can have my Argo card when I go with all the money still on it, since I won't be using it anymore, seeing as how I'm moving away from the universe.

/Deep Breath

I ate a Dove chocolate thingy and it told me to take a deep breath.

Also, this morning there was a crazy man who came into our office yelling about his GED transcript and smoking something that was not a cigarette, and we work on the 11th floor and we're supposed to have security, but apparently he told them he was GOING TO TALK TO THE BOARD and so that's the magic words to get to go wherever you want.



  1. Can I please borrow that saw when you're done? Thanks!

  2. maybe if i gave myself a lobotomy-by-saw i would be better able to communicate with some of our customers

  3. We'll start a lobotomy-saw sharing program. I get it until the end of next week, at which point I'll hand it off to Shine, because she called dibs. Then she'll hand it off to Jeff and before the summer is out we'll all be happily drooling on our keyboards.