Thursday, June 11, 2009

I don't hate you, I'm just crazy

Last night I had a dream that a dolphin was attacking me, and I threw it off me violently, then woke up to see the Neurotic Cat flying end over end and landing on his back on the floor.




  1. Poor kitty. Probably he had done something to deserve it, though. Such is the life of a cat.

  2. oh god, for some reason this just reminded me a had a nightmare last night. i don't remember what it was but i was for sure panicking about something when i woke up. fortunately though, neither of my dogs was airborne as a result.

  3. Shine: Of course he did something to deserve it. Apparently he was pretending to be a dolphin and strangling me.

    Jeff: Was it spiders? Except for the dolphins, the spiders seem to attack me most when I'm sleeping.

  4. i can't remember exactly what the creature/badguy was, but i do remember waking up in a panic and looking at the door like something was about to come in and eat/devour me. so it might have been a spider with a handgun or something