Friday, June 5, 2009

Kinder, gentler, boringer

Sometimes, when I get up early-ish and go for a run in the morning, and then have peanut butter toast and tea for breakfast, and wear my nice-ish jeans and a white button-down shirt to work, and accomplish actual worthwhile things before 10 o'clock in the morning, I feel like a nice person.  I feel like maybe it's sunny outside, and my hair is being adequately tamed by only two barrettes, and there are not boogers hanging out of my nose, and humanity in general is not a stinking cesspool of muck.

This makes for bad blogging.  Good blogging comes from pain.  Or, more accurately, whiny discomfort and itchiness.

Check in with me again on Monday, when I will most likely have encountered Slow People on the Sidewalk or Guy Who Chews with His Mouth Open, and I'll have more to say.

P.S. The word "boringer" makes me think of Juan Berenguer, who I thought pronounced his name "BEAR-in-grr," but if recent used car commercials are to be believed, it's more like "BEAR-en-GAIR." 


  1. yes! damn predictable days! that's why you gotta save it up... i think.

    ps thanks for the infectious disease protection

  2. This is why I choose to break up with random shit on Friday.

    Plus, no one reads blogs on Fridays anyway. At least, that's the rumor.

  3. MLB: You're welcome? I'm not sure how I protect you against infectious disease, but I CAN tell you that if I'm the only protection you're using, you're going to be in trouble.

    Shine: Who are these people who are not reading blogs on Fridays? What are they doing? Is this like when people explained that X-Files was unpopular because it was on on Friday nights, or like when people explained that I was getting fired because Friday is a work day too? Which kind of loser am I, in other words?

  4. It's more like the "we don't feel like blogging on Fridays, so we'll start a rumor that no one reads blogs on Fridays. That way there's no reason to come up with interesting shit to blog about on Fridays because no one reads blogs on Fridays anyway" thing.

    But you're probably the second kind. If I have to guess.