Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You think your Wu Tang Sword can defeat ME?!

So, based in part on a Google talk conversation in which Hedgehog and I outlined an entire horror movie plot based on how I'd kill Houseboy because he wouldn't let me watch the documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer while we were on vacation, and in part on a conversation I had with Houseboy in which I claimed any single syllable English would could be scary if you thought about it long enough, here is your challenge:

Name a word. One syllable. English language. I'll give you a horror movie outline. Here's your example, word supplied by Houseboy, two short outlines supplied by me.

GUM: A Sci Fi/Horror Thriller

A non-sentient alien lifeforce comes to the planet attached to one of our cell phone satellites when it comes in to be serviced. A technician thinks it's just a bit of gunk and scrapes it away with a fingernail, but it gets under his nail and into his skin without him realizing it. It proceeds to fill every open space in his body, every pore, every orifice, all those little sacs of air in his lungs with...... that's right, gum.

Example Two, for the more traditional horror-minded:

GUM: A Slasher Film

Sally seems like your typical American teen. She wears short skirts and mid-riffy shirts and she loves to flirt with the boys, and when she moves to West Ridgedale High, man is the football team happy to see her. She's got a date every night and parties every weekend and it's not long before she's the most popular girl in school. But it's not long after that that people start to notice that Sally's dates have a way of disappearing, and when they ask her about it, all she does is twirl her hair and pop her gum and give them that little smile that all the boys love so much.

All right, your turn. You think there's a one syllable word in the English language that just can't be scary? I dare you.



  1. Other than going down the silly childish route, allowing 'wang' and 'cock' and 'tit' to join 'boob' up there, you're totally right. Christ. I thought of all sorts of soft, lovely, nice words, words like 'fluff' and 'smile' and 'child', moved onto beautiful things - 'tree' and 'hill' and 'sun' and 'moon', and basically quicksticks freaked myself out totally... Blimey. Good game! xxx

  2. i did not want to go childish. i sat here and thought of words for 10 minutes until i determined that it was indeed the only thing i could think of, because they're always friendly.

  3. Jeff: Childishness is certainly never frowned upon here. But you have not defeated me. I'll give you the teaser now, and you'll have to wait for the full description tomorrow: "Boob," Starring Tara Reid.

    Brink: I'd say I'm sorry you freaked yourself out except that I'm only sorry because I didn't get a chance to freak you out myself. I would have really liked to write the script for the horror movie "Smile." I'm giggling just thinking of it...

  4. Shine. Oh damn that Steven King, he's already done that one.

    Can I use "Um"? I'd like to see what you come up with for "Um."

  5. Equality.

    I'm sure this will be good. This should be a weekly game!

    "Antelope's Sick Mind Saturdays"

  6. I don't read directions. This is more than one syllable. Oops! I just wrote the first thing that came to mind without following the rules.


    How about that?

  7. Ok, so tomorrow I'll post "Boobs, Starring Tara Reid" and "Umm..."

    Friday I'll do "Tab."

    Marnie: Technically, "awkward" is two syllables where I come from, but you've got an extra day to come up with another one. Otherwise, I might just write one for awkward anyway, just because I love that word.

    Yay for homework!