Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dirty South Bidges!

So, over Memorial Day weekend Houseboy and I drove down to Nashburg to check out the city and look for apartments because apparently even though it's warm there, it's frowned upon to live in the park.  We saw trees and flowers:


And a downtown that looks like a movie set:

And a building that looks like Batman:

And all in all it was very hot and sweaty and foreign and it scared me and I was glad to get back to Chicago, where it's raining and cold and stinky.  Maybe they could move Vanderbilt up here instead?  We probably have the same amount of shit to move.



  1. I'm from Tennessee. Nashville, even. And I love it there. But it can be a shock. Also, if you're not terribly conservative (and I'm not) they might throw things at you. Just a warning!

    Vanderbilt is awesome, though.

  2. Shine:
    I can hold my own in a throwing things fight (are there other kinds of fights?). It's the calling me dear and making eye contact that's giving me the skeevies.

    Tell me things to do in Nashville because so far I've got: sit in front of air conditioner, buy Krispy Kremes, have an allergy attack.

  3. Damn. You already got it down. Just add "listen to country music," and you're golden.

    Seriously, I'm not even sure. Downtown Nashville has some bars and stuff, but I haven't lived there since I was 12 and every time I go visit, I just hang with my grandparents. We play cards. It's...not exciting. Also, they try to force me to be conservative while being enormously racist and homophobic. But surely everyone can't be that way.