Thursday, May 28, 2009

Way Back... Thursday?

It's my blog and I can write whatever I want on whatever day I want, especially when that just means I want to talk about my childhood on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday because on Tuesday I posted pictures of eyeballs.  

So anyway, I may have mentioned that I grew up in the country, and I had this friend in elementary school (Hi Mandy!  Oh, you go by Amanda now?  That's weird.  Anyway, what's up?)  And she was one of many people who lived on a real life farm, with animals and corn and stuff.  Sometimes in the winter her dad would take the hood off an old junker and hook it up to the back of his truck with chains and he'd drive around in the snow with us dragging behind.  Except for being terrified for my life, that was fun.

And out in the corn a ways, there was this empty silo where Mandy had set up a little play office with a cardboard computer (this was back before most anybody had personal computers, so this was extra awesome good fun).  And there was also a camper in the woods somewhere where we talked about whether Jeffrey Dahmer would break out of prison and come eat us while looking at old issues of Playboy which were more confusing than erotic for a couple of 11 year old girls.

Also, one time I laughed so hard I peed my pants and didn't tell my friend, I just took off my underwear and threw them in the corn.  Was that wrong?



  1. I've changed my mind. You'll officially fit right in in Tennessee.

    Playboys are still more confusing than erotic for me. Why is she wearing those shoes with that negligee? Who does their hair like that, really? Things like that.

  2. See, now I'm thinking that's an insult. Minnesota country is different than the South. Because we don't have any black people to hate, so none of us are racist.

    As I recall, the confusion was over pubic hair/lack of pubic hair and what all went into that decision making process.