Friday, May 29, 2009

Sensing the Humors

So, you know how sometimes people say about someone else "He doesn't have a sense of humor!" and usually they mean "He doesn't find my fart jokes funny!"  Or sometimes they mean "He never makes any fart jokes of his own!"  

That's pretty much what I always thought not having a sense of humor meant, anyway.  Someone who was unable to sense how funny I am.

Turns out there's a whole other kind of person.  This person is lacking in the sense that there are things that are funny.  Incapable of recognizing a jovial atmosphere.  Given to discussing the brain chemistry behind laughter as a social exercise.  This person will laugh because he has found that it is best to participate and then let the laughter fade a bit before he begins a nonsequitor about the construct of race in this country and the historical implications of doughnuts, because otherwise we'd be able to completely ignore him pretending we didn't hear him over our glee.  This person will follow up your hilarious anecdote with the statement "That's interesting because..." and then say something that wouldn't even be moderately interesting if I were a comparative religions major and hated the universe.  

I'm not talking about anyone in particular here.

I'm just saying.

This person should be killed slowly and in some humorous way, like by drowning in pink frosting.



  1. I think I know this person.

    Actually, I think I know a worse one. He told me that laughing was unnatural and he refused to "play along" with people when they expected him to laugh. Then I made him laugh and I thought his head was going to explode, but it only lasted for about two seconds.

  2. That's interesting because of the history of pink frosting drowning used by the semi-nomadic native people of Brazil prior to being "civilized" by the colonists. They would use the pink frosting drowning in addition to ceremonies that involved cannabalism. This is because the method of drowning a person in pink frosting would sweeten the canabalistic experience.

  3. Shine: Ok, you win. I've yet to make this person laugh and that's the real reason he must die.

    Saturday: You're exactly my kind of insane person.