Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesus Cured My Hangover

So, Houseboy being all finished with his life-changing world-altering calm-shattering exams, we're attempting to re-enter the world of a social life, or at least as much of a social life as two thirty year old shut-ins have ever had.  What that means is that we spent Friday night and most of Saturday watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on dvd and eating chips and other fried things.  

Saturday night though we really tore it up and had Hedgehog over to drink beer and eat fried things on our couch with us.  Because, as I may have mentioned, I am an elderly person, I had about 5 beers and ended up all kinds of hungover on Sunday morning, which happened to be my morning to teach all the little childrens about Jesus.  There were sheep and a sheepfold and a good shepherd involved, I think.  There was a significant amount of staring silently at the sheep.  Maybe some stroking of their backs.  There was also a photographer there to capture the magic of our multicultural classroom at work and post the photos on the wall.  So, next year, when I'm long gone to Nashville and quite possibly sober enough to put in contacts, there will be pictures all over my former church of me in a ratty t-shirt and bloodshot eyes stroking some wooden sheep with a distracted look on my face.  I hope that really sells the program to the parents.


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