Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu

So, I've been sick for about eleventy days now and it's getting really old.  I'm back at work today, since I'm once again able to breathe through my nose at least every 10th time or so, and people have stopped having "subtle" conversations nearby about the swine flu.  It's actually a good thing I got this disgusting cold that won't go away at this particular time in our nation's history, since the two times I tried to come in to work last week I got the nastiest looks, and even my boss basically told me to go home because the last thing they needed was my pig-loving ass to get everyone sick.  

I tried to tell him I don't eat meat and I hate Mexicans, but he wouldn't listen.

Anyway, as a tip to Way Back Tuesday, the last time I missed this much work due to illness is when I was 25 and had bronchitis and worked for a nonprofit full of old people who informed me that this was just the beginning of my gradual health decline.  They've been mostly right on that front, but they were definitely wrong about the prune juice.


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