Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The best, most awesomest great and fantastic birthday present ever

Here is how it started.  Houseboy and I walk in, there's a little back and forth about which section is ours and which row we should walk down so as not to have to crawl over people, and suddenly I'm distracted, because there's this really loud thwacking noise, and I turn around and there are giant men hitting frozen cow dung at us: 

So, I hyperventilate a little bit, but get myself settled in:

[Holy sh*t we're close]  And watch the warmups while dancing to the wickid music.  And then there's Mikko Koivu and my new favorite player, Clusterf*ck Clutterbuck and there's a lot of hip checks and cross checks and smashing into the boards, and my personal favorite, where they do that thing where they slap the puck all the way across the ice and it rattles around the plexiglass behind the goal, which makes this thwackpingthwackpingthwackping noise when you're right behind it and makes me giggle.  

I even got on the jumbotron, which has never ever happened before, and I saw it and was like "That girl has the same color scarf as me!" [Double take] "That's me!"  And won the award for most spazzy reaction to being on a big video screen ever.  

And there are three Wild goals in the first period and one Blackhawks goal in the second, all at our end, and the Wild kill two penalties and the Blackhawks goalie Khabibibibibulin catches like twelve shots in his glove and then in the last minutes of the third, they pull their goalie and the Wild get their fourth goal in one of those long, sad open goal shots that no one can stop, and absolutely everyone gets up to leave, except me and Houseboy, who do the dance of The Best, Most Awesomest Great and Fantastic Birthday Present Ever. 


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