Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to look hot when it's zero degrees outside

Step One--Get your Houseboy to help you make a pizza:

Step Two--Put toppings on your pizza and bake it up good:

Step Three--Get your Houseboy to make you mac and cheese:

Step Four--Don't forget a big pile of cookies:

Step Five--Collapse under the weight of cheese and chocolate and get your Houseboy to cover you with a blanket.

[Photo Not Available]

P.S. This was written yesterday, but then I got "busy" at "work" and forgot to post it.  While on that note, it has been brought to my attention that the post about writing short stories in staff meetings might look bad to coworkers who stumble across it.  Consider this a late disclaimer: I am joking.  Of course I always focus on work while at work.  Work IS my life, okay?  I love every single meeting in this place.  It's not just a bunch of stuff that people do, it's ME.  I'd like to thank the Academy.  


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