Monday, January 26, 2009

My Horror Movie Idea

Ok, you know how there are these movies about zombies?   And how they're almost never scary, unless you're watching them in your friend's basement at night and then have to walk home alone and all of a sudden running just seems like a better idea?  Or unless it's 28 Days Later, which may or may not be a zombie movie anyway?

Well, I had this idea when I was trying to get to sleep last night, and I shared it with Houseboy and he agreed that we would both be having nightmares because I have deep emotional problems.  Usually in zombie movies you'll never see zombie animals, unless it's like a puppy dog and that's scary for the same reason the little zombie girl is scary, because it's sad to get eaten by puppies and children.  BUT, what if there were a movie where all the animals could turn into zombies?  Particularly BIRDS.  

So, you're waiting for the train and one of these comes flying down off the roof and starts pecking away at your flesh, particularly the eye and face area:

Right?  Right?  And then, what if you flee to the country, and you're just walking down a rural dirt road, and a big flock of zombie starlings or sparrows comes swooping down and surrounds you and eats you all up?  It would be like The Birds crossed with Night of the Living Dead.

Horror movie makers:  you are welcome to this idea.  Make this movie and all I ask is for a free ticket to the premiere, where I'll wear a big fancy dress and pretty hair to watch people get zombie-fied by birds.

Thank you.


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