Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boredom is making me stupid

So, I've developed this problem lately where I'm required to go to a lot of meetings that I have no interest or stake in.  These are hours in which I'm supposed to be learning about the projects my coworkers are involved in, or how to use a simple computer program, but instead my mind has started drifting into another world and more or less blacking out on whatever's going on around me.  Now, this isn't really a problem per se... at least four out of five of these meetings I sit and stare into the distance thinking about what a fish crossed with a horse would look like and get shaken out of my reverie by people wrapping up their notebooks and coffee and leaving the room.  It's the fifth out of those five meetings in which my boss turns to me and goes, "Well, what do you think?" and I go "Uhhhhh.  Seventeen would probably do it?" and hope that has anything to do with the conversation.  This has started to make me look bad.  And drawn attention to my vacant looks in the rest of the meetings.  

Since I can't guarantee any way of actually focusing and becoming a better employee at this point, I've decided to just use that time for a little personal business.  Today I started a short story in our staff meeting.  Maybe next week I'll get to work on some sketches or do some knitting.  


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