Friday, January 23, 2009

No Movies; Drugs

So, I had a lot of tv watching to do this week and didn't get around to seeing any movies, although Houseboy promised to take me to see "My Bloody Valentine" for his birthday because it's in 3-D and my favorite dimension is the third dimension.  If you're lucky, that might be your movie of next week.

For this week I would just like to share an awesome bathroom experience, because I know you all like poop humor.  Except this story doesn't actually involve poop.  But you can imagine people "reading a magazine"* while you hear this story if you like.  Anyway, yesterday I was at work (I know, right?  You're already fascinated), and I started to get a migraine.  (Oh horrors!  The drama!)  Since my little pink and red pills, I get these less than I used to, and they're not as bad or long-lasting, but I still don't like to try to think about racial gaps in standardized testing while there are moles eating my brain.  So, I went to the bathroom to take my old-new abortive medication (that sounds political, but it's not), which is being called Imitrex Nasal Spray (TM).  What I like about this drug is that it gets into your blood really fast and then makes its way to your brain really fast because that's near to where your nose is, and within minutes you don't feel like you'll probably die.  My only complaint (before yesterday) was that sometimes it runs down the back of your throat and tastes like dead monkey sweat, but compared to the brainplosion, it's totally worth it.  

The other downside I discovered yesterday is that if you go into a bathroom stall and make a loud and long snorting sound, and then come out sniffling and rubbing your nose, your coworkers will look at you askance and will definitely not at all think you're a cokehead from now on.  

* This is the only episode of "How I Met Your Mother" that I've ever seen, but I will admit that I laughed.  NPH, what a mensch.  

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