Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 10: Killer Giraffe

How many of us are surprised that it took me nine whole days to draw one of these animals as a psycho killer? I really held out because I think the giraffe is the most deadly of the animals. Also, they have the same number of neck bones as humans! Fun fact!

This is Victoria. The tooth is an implant that she got put in on her 10th birthday because she found that when she was biting people it wasn't drawing as much blood as she would like. She doesn't eat people, she just bites them and them laughs at them because they're bleeding. She got kicked out of the zoo for being anti-social and ejected from the circus for, well, biting people. So, now she just travels the country like a hobo and occasionally biting folks for fun. In addition to torture and murder, Victoria likes cream of celery soup, basketball and the rumba.

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  1. I must know more about Victoria! I want to read a whole book on her!

  2. I'm getting mixed messages here... I'm worried if I write a book about her, Hedgehog will report me to the authorities.